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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Samuel the Lamanite and the dump.

This week Justin and I sent a random picture to each other. Justin spoiled me and sent four:)

" #1 A member of the singles was has a bunch of airsoft guns so we were messing around."

" #2 I can explain...Well you see, this Abinadi guy was telling us we were wicked and whatnot and Elder Ford and I didn't like that, so we tied him up! Hahahahaha! That'll teach him! Jk, I'll probably be punished for writing this...haha"

" #3 Samuel the Lamanite was doing the same thing. Then he climbed up on our bedposts, so we tried to shoot him down! It was hilarious :P and we recorded it, haha. One time we shot him and it hit him, but he just moved a bit and didn't fall! Coincidence? I think not! Elder Ford and I had a good time :P Maybe your boyfriend is a little immature..."

" #4 A member in Saugus 2nd owns a surf supply company, so he gave us these hats. We call them our surfer-trucker-baseball hats. They are pretty epic. Don't we look cool;) "

This is the picture I sent to Justin:

My family was doing our weekly remodel of the restaurant (OK we don't really remodel the restaurant every week BUT....pretty much we do) and my brother, Garett, and I made a dump trip. At the dump this old hippie guy was tossing this cool looking piece of furniture! I couldn't let it go to waste so I asked the hippie if I could have it.  Annoyed, he agreed and I won myself a prize at the dump!!!

I didn't send this one to Justin but in case you were wondering this is what the dump looks like. If strong, unexplained smells make you puke, the dump is not for you. If you are clumsy and trip on odd things such as junk, then the dump is not for you. If you don't like birds pooping on you head, then the dump is not for you. Personally this photo makes me want to board up the windows of my house and smoke my last cigarette. Oh wait, I don't smoke. Maybe I'll drink chocolate milk instead. 

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