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Sunday, April 8, 2012

We're poets and you know it.

Hello Everybody! It's been awhile. 752 days to be precise. I offer my most sincere apologies for keeping all two of the followers of this blog anxiously awaiting the next blog post. Unfortunately this post is being put together without the help of my co-marshmallow-tree-blog-creator, Justin. "Where is Justin?" you say? Well, let me give you an ultra-concentrated synopsis of our past two years:

Justin was called to serve an English speaking (although he's picked up ASL and some Spanish) LDS mission for two years in the San Fernando area of California. He reported to the MTC on June 9, 2010. We have only missed two weeks of writing each other the past twenty two months! That's nearly 100 letters!

In the meantime I tried going to college but hated it so I sold 8 months of my life to the devil and became a licensed Massage Therapist, which I love. I recently got a job at K Spa in Logan and I also work at my parents restaurant Jack's Wood Fired Oven. Now I play, work, and anxiously anticipate Justin's return home on June 13, 2012. 65 days.

Explanation of the oh so adorable matching shirts: Justin is a copy cat. Ha, just kidding but really I totally had the shirt first;) It was a souvenir brought back to me by my aunt a few years back and I wore it hiking in Darby when we hiked the wind caves (The trip that started it all). Justin would tease me and tell me it needed to say "Enjoy Wyoming" on it. Well, then he ended up moving to California and I found it funny to send pictures to him when I wore this shirt. Later Justin wrote me and told me he found the coolest shirt and when I checked my email inbox he had sent me a picture of him wearing an "Enjoy California" t-shirt! I laughed purty stinkin' hard.

Justin and I have around ten more letters to write to each other before he comes home so we have decided to do something random in each remaining letter. This week: Write a random poem to send each other. Now those of you who know Justin and I know that we are a little quirky and love randomness and witty humor. With that said
here is his poem to me:)

There once was a fish,
In a tiny brown puddle,
The fish they called Kish (short for kishkumen, of course)
The puddle the called Lake Scuddle.

In a land not too far of a drive,
Lived a lad that did much fussin',
Although he was happy to be alive.
And the lad's name was Justin.

He heard of the eater-dwelling creature,
And of it's great wish-granting powers.
Wish-granting powers? Yes, what a strange feature.
So Justin gathered some flowers.

Off to the fish he went,
Stopping to catch his breath oft.
When at last hes knees he bent,
At the puddle with the mud so soft.

Kish asked rudely, "What the heck do you want?!"
Then the reply, "To be unbelievably happy, loved, and blessed!"
"Ok," remarked Kish, "just get away from my font!"
He granted his wish and now Justin is obsessed (in a good way ;))

Cause despite all the mud, chaos, and heck-uh,
Appeared to be something awesome!
It was Miss Becca!
Certainly not a possum!

here is my poem to him:

Every happy story begins "once upon a time"
And every happy story has a catchy rhyme,
I am here to tell you, my friend
This story has both and a happy end!
Now that this known it may be concluded
This story shines with pure happiness, undiluted,

Once upon a time in the Valley of the Stars
a story was created that we call "ours",
It began with a princess who was quite alone
and a warrior who strength and looks surely shone,
From a far distance the watched one another,
Their love for each other soon to discover,

Throughout the star land a quest was decreed
To slay the Darby Dragon and his fiery greed,
The princess and the warrior both boasted to be brave
And traveled with some soldiers to the dragon's cave,
After a days hike they set up the camp
And told their greatest stories by the light of a lamp,

Dawn brought a nasty stench of stress and fright
As all the star people prepared for the fight,
To get to Darby's cave was a task not small
For you had to cross the mighty waterfall,
The waterfall pulled the strong warrior under,
A creature saved him and then flew asunder

Now you may have guesses that creature was
Darby the Dragon saving him because
In reality he's a friendly fellow,
Enjoys frolicking, singing, and the color yellow,
The princess and the warrior apologized for the mistake
Then offered Darby the dragon a strawberry milkshake,

The warrior was unharmed, not even a bruise,
But somehow managed to lose his favorite pair of shoes,
Later that day during the much needed break,
Princess dared Warrior to jump in a brisk lake,
This swim in the lake caused the spark
That lit the epic adventure they'd embark,

It wasn't much longer after the quest
Their feelings for each other they did express,
They moved away to observe Aggie Castle
And learn how to handle all that "kingdom hassle"
For they knew they'd have a kingdom of their own
And they needed to learn the tricks of the throne,

The king of all kings gave the warrior a mission,
The warrior was honored for such a position,
"Search my sheep and seek them out,
Show them the light they live without",
Proclaimed the king, "Show them the worth
Of the word and a marvelous work will roll forth,

The warrior wore the whole armor of God
And set out to deliver the message abroad,
He would be gone for not one year but two.
The princess blew him a kiss and an "I love you"
Is this the end of that twitterpated state?
The princess says "No, the warriors worth the wait"

A letter has been sent back and forth every week,
A relationship as this can be defined as unique,
Distance never separates two hearts that really care,
You can love anyone, anytime, anywhere!
Their love has grown as quick as a fire
It will endure all things and will never expire.

This story continues at this very time,
Unfortunately its time to end this catchy rhyme,
I'd tell you the rest if only I knew
And how this story ends I haven't a clue
But how could this story not have a happy end
Especially since I'm in love with my best friend.

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