Well Hello There

Welcome all ye who desire to harvest marshmallows. Through the course of this blog, you will come to the knowledge of how to plant a simple marshmallow, care for it, grow it into a marshmallow tree, and partake of its goodness.

About the Creators of this Blog

Dear World,

        At this time we would like to tell you a little bit about ourselves, since you are just dying to know.  And since you are reading this blog, you probably already know who we are, but oh well, maybe you'll learn something new about your good friends Becca and Justin.  And maybe not.
        Once upon a time, the Hamiltons, Carlisles, and the Walkers all took an incredible journey to the far-away land of Saint George, Utah.  Becca and Justin being young'uns, both hardly recollect the memory of each other being present because of fear of the worldwide epidemic of cooties.
        But have no worries folks, our story has not concluded yet.  Approximately 8 years later, another journey was taken.  This time the adventure consisted of hiking up a wild mountain, sitting in freezing rivers, and dangling above roaring waterfalls.  Once again, Becca and Justin both attended this event; however, by this time both were immune to cooties, so that was no longer a problem.  Becca and Justin decided during this trip that they kinda liked each other.  So shortly after, Becca and Justin started dating each other.
        So, the moral of the story is that if you want to fall in love, simply go on a wicked awesome hike with somebody you previously went on a trip with when you were 10 years old, dare each other to freeze in a river, and have a near death experience.  It's a fool-proof plan.