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Friday, March 19, 2010

Stainless Steel Shopping Episode

One fine night, tonight to be specific, we decided to go on an adventure to Best Buy and Ross. We were on a mission to find a wireless mouse. We went in to Best Buy, searched the store, came to the conclusion that a wireless mouse was unnecessary and expensive. As a result of searching Best Buy thoroughly, we stumbled upon the small book section. Anyone that knows Becca knows that she must buy a book when books are present, because she is working on her amazing book collection. So we each ironically bought a book in an electronics store. We then proceeded to Ross to where our real story begins.
Once again, we wandered the store. Becca found a dress and I found spatulas. As we were getting ready to leave, we noticed an awesome stainless steel pots and pans set. We came to the conclusion that I needed these, but I had to go put something back. Becca, who was left behind to watch over and protect the cookware, got distracted by, as she puts it, a purty shirt. Meanwhile, approximately 15 seconds later, a crazy lady who had been creepily eyeing us and my newfound beloved steel meandered her way over. She inspected the pots and pans and came to the conclusion that she needed them more than I, a poor starving college student deprived of nice pots and pans, did. She whined to her reluctant husband that she must have this set of fine metal. He held out for a few minutes trying to convince her that the set was unnecessary for them. Again and again she bickered that she needed this right now. Sadly for us and the husband's wallet and cluttered kitchen cabinets, she persisted and he fell to her treachery. And off they walked with my pots and pans in her arms.
Sad day...

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