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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Birthday Bash for Padre

May 6= My Dads birthday. Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!...

Naturally, my siblings and I went birthday card shopping.
The card on the left was picked by Wade (my 8 year-old brother) who insisted we buy it even though it wasn't a birthday card. The outside says "Sorry you're going through a rough time" and the inside says, "You can borrow my monkey". 
The card on the right says, "I was worried you weren't going to get a birthday card with a cat wearing a sweater on it."

 While card shopping we found Princess Donna Llama. We can't decide if she is a donkey or a llama.

My Dad can't eat sugar and we felt guilty for eating his birthday/Garett's graduation cake without him so we bought Princess Donna Llama and filled her with string cheese, jerky, trail mix, toothbrushes, and tums.

Rachel and Princess Donna Llama have a special friendship.

Dad also has a special friendship with her...

I am so grateful to have my Dad! He is a great example and a great father! I love you! Thanks for being born Dad! ;)

R.I.P. Princess Donna Llama!

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